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Somebody To Lean On
Wednesday — April 8th, 2015

Somebody To Lean On

So, at the real Broadway Joe’s Bar and Grille (located at 3051 Main St, Buffalo, NY 14214, check out Taco Tuesdays with Rock-n-Roll Karaoke and live music every weekend your welcome Bryan) there is an unavoidable metal girder in the middle of what Erie County deems “the dance floor” for the purposes of taxation.

Recently, a person who shall remain nameless took to Facebook to bash this place because her perpetual fiancee was suspended and subsequently fired from his job there. It all had this very “wag the dog” feel about it, especially since the owner took the high road and didn’t tell everyone what this guy did to get fired.

What amazed me though, was how this Facebook thread of hate talked about this damn girder (that no one can do shit about without tearing the building down) at the venue. I didn’t know it, but apparently it is reviled in the local community. This seems undeserved. After all, the girder didn’t ask to be built there and it has held me up on many occasions. Stand tall and strong girder. I’m a fan.

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