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Monday — July 4th, 2016


If I would a decent cartoonist I would have made this post a while back. The day job has gotten overwelming. For those that don’t know, I’m a roadside assistance and tow truck dispatcher. One of the places I dispatch tow trucks to is Baton Rouge Louisiana. If that doesn’t tell you part of why I’ve been to busy to update, I suggest you look at the news from the last month.

The discord has passed for Baton Rouge, everything is somewhat back to normal, but my company is still understaffed and I am working 10 straight days and 50-60 hour work weeks. Once things settle down, I will come back to Sidequests. I have some pretty dark and biting ideas for when I do.

Sorry for the current let down.
I love you all.
I will be back.

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