308: Wake Up Call
September 7th, 2015

308: Wake Up Call

Happy Labor Day everyone!

If you notice, the site has changed a little bit. That is because WE MADE OUR FIRST PATREON GOAL! The meager cost of maintaining the website has been met by our Patrons, however, that is just the beginning.

If you haven’t already please visit the site for Sidequests Patreon Campaign and make a donation, no matter how small. Although, I am coming up with ideas as to how to reward the people who have donated $5 or more since apparently those people exist. I’m making a new video for the site today or tomorrow depending on how sickly I feel.

As for today’s comic, I really had fun drawing it and I did notice a difference in a comic I knew I was being paid to make. Even a small amount. I hope you notice the extra work I did as well. To help my mom understand this comic, the figure with the frying pan and the apron that says, “KEEP CALM AND PRAISE LOLTH” is a Drow or a Dark Elf. In Dungeons & Dragons, they are evil elves that live underground and one of the most often used antagonists. Finding one in your kitchen would be a bit of an overload even if Dweez was not already having a bad couple days.

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