Below are some of my favorite web-comics. I’ve included a short blurb about each one. They are presented in no particular order. Each one of them is equal parts inspiration and a mocking reminder of what a hack I am. Enjoy!

I could go on about XKCD for pages, but I won’t since it speaks for itself. For whatever other obvious praises I could give this comic the most important, and perhaps most telling, is that it’s humor that doesn’t talk down to you.

The Adventures of Dr.McNinja
Born to a family of ninja. Trained in the medical and surgical arts. He kills with one hand and heals with the other. These are the adventures of Dr. McNinja.

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal
Once rapid fire single panel comedy. Now, multi-panel jokes about science, culture, kids, and whatever else Zach Weinersmith happens to be thinking about that day. A new one EVERYDAY!

Something Positive
In a lot of ways this was the first web-comic I was an active fan of and I don’t think any other comic will have the same special place in my heart. I love this and all of RK Milholland’s other neglected children.

Cyanide and Happiness
You’ll laugh. You’ll love. You’ll hate yourself in the morning.

Questionable Content
I’m not really into Indie rock, if I was I’d just enjoy this series more. Seeing how the art and character have progressed over the years always inspires me to work.

A Softer World
The best way I can put it would be to say that if you loved “Deep Thoughts” from SNL you’ve had the appetizer for a Softer World.

Penny Arcade
All web-comics are required to pay homage to the great Golden God which is Penny Arcade or Tycho will descend upon your house and eat your soul.You may have seen a few people claim not to love Penny Arcade, these are puppets set up by a hungry Tycho.

Looking for Group
The adventures through a tirade of fantasy genres and a few seg-ways through the fourth wall.

Dork Tower
Confirming my old skool cred?

The Devil’s Panties
A mostly auto-biographical web-comic, the Devil’s Panties is NOT Satanic Porn. I don’t know for the life of me why Jennie Breeden would think that is a selling point, but I still heartily recommend this comic.

I have a laminated poster sized copy of the first comic in this series mounted in my game room. Watch the evolution of Tatsuya Ishida’s style as he and his characters evolve over time.